Price Match Guarantee

To stay competitive in the tuning market, we have introduced a price match offer. This applies only to quotes from companies that we deem genuine tuners. This offer is by no means a price match guarantee as a few terms apply.

The main reason for this is that there are a few ‘Remapping companies’ who use illegal clone tools and poor-quality files that claim to offer similar services to us for a MUCH cheaper price. They can do this as they often have no overheads and have invested only a few hundred pounds into their equipment, as opposed to the tens of thousands that genuine tuners must invest.

Our price match offer has terms attached to stop us from racing to the bottom and competing with companies who do not use genuine tools and high-quality software. Comparing Mapmycar to a company that uses illegal clone tools is like comparing Chalk to Cheese!

If you are offered a remap for a ridiculously cheap price and the cost seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • OBD Remap Minimum Charge
    We will not price match any job that is less than £219.
  • Bench, Boot, ECU out Minimum Charge
    For jobs that are not possible via OBD but can be done via bench or boot, we will not price match any job that is less than £269.
  • Virtual Reading Minimum Price
    For jobs that are virtual read OBD* but can be done via bench or boot, we will not price match any job that is less than £249.

    *We will always aim to bench read where OBD is virtual read only. OBD virtual reading means we cannot tell if a car is tuned already, and we cannot obtain a true original FULL read of the ECU. If something were to go wrong during the read or write process, only having a virtual read makes it exceedingly difficult to recover an ECU – We recommend to read via bench for your benefit.
  • Proof of Quote
    Whilst we aim to see a written quote in order to price match a competitors quote, this term is to be enforced under our discretion.
  • Additional Terms
    As mentioned above, we are trying our best to be competitive whilst offering our customers a premium service. That said, we are a business and need to make money. As a result, we reserve the right to decline any price match – Some examples as to why we may do this:
    • Boot or Bench only job where ECU is in the wheel arch, under the scuttle of has security bolts/cage that need removing and a competitor has quoted less than £269.
    • Boot or Bench only jobs where the vehicle is fitted with twin ECU’s and a competitor has quoted less than £269.

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