• ECU Remap - From £349
    As of July 2021, we have changed our remap pricing to be as competitive as possible. For our latest discounts and offers please visit, like and follow our Facebook page www.facebook.com/mapmycar for a chance to save £100’s on your remap.
  • Gearbox Tune - £350
    A gearbox tune for both VAG and BMW's with XHP, have a fixed cost of £350. This is discounted by £100 if purchased with an ECU remap.
  • VAG Emissions Rollback - £150
    For emissions rollbacks on affected VAG cars, a fixed price of £150 applies. This is discounted by £100 if purchased with a remap.
  • Already Tuned - £60
    Where vehicles come to us and are already tuned, it is in our interest to advise as to whether or not we can improve on the tune. If we can, we will set realistic expectations. If we cannot improve on the tune, we will also advise. A minimum charge applies for our time, in the event that we do not proceed to remap the vehicle.
  • Remap On/Off - £60
    Should you wish to remove your remap, outside of our 30-day moneyback guarantee period, we apply our minimum charge. Should you wish to have your remap reapplied, for instance, if the vehicle has been to a main dealer for a software update, our minimum charge applies.
  • Diagnostics - £60
    Any diagnostics work completed outside of whilst we are tuning your vehicle is subject to our minimum charge.
  • DPF/EGR OFF Solutions - Contact Us
    For additional solutions such as DPF or EGR off, we include some of these free of charge with a remap. For situations where you may want a solution ONLY, for instance, an EGR delete but no remap, this will be the same price as a remap. We will optionally include a remap free of charge if this is the case.

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