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Although comebacks for remapping are incredibly rare (about 1 in 250 vehicles), we understand that you may have concerns about remapping your vehicle. Do not worry, we are here to make you feel confident. So much so, that we put our money where our mouth is and offer a moneyback guarantee. Our guarantees are as follows:

  • Quantum ECU Remapping: 30 Days
  • XHP BMW Gearbox Remapping: 1 Day (manufacturer applied)
  • VAG Gearbox Remapping: 30 Days

Terms for our moneyback guarantee are below.


We will give you a full refund and return the vehicle to stock if:

  • If your vehicle is experiencing faults after any tuning, we will ask you to bring the vehicle in for us to run diagnostics on. If we deem the remap to be the cause of the fault, we will provide a full refund and return your vehicle to stock. Alternatively, we will offer to amend the tune at no charge. Remember, just because your vehicle did not have a fault before the remap, that does not necessarily mean the remap is the cause of the fault.

  • If there are any software related issues with the tune and you do not want us to attempt to apply an amended tune, we will provide a full refund and return the vehicle to stock.


We will charge £60 to return the vehicle to stock if:

  • We set realistic expectations as to what you should expect from tuning your vehicle. We have 100% positive feedback from our online reviews. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the tune because you ‘can’t feel a difference’, we will not provide a refund if you want to return the vehicle to stock. We will charge £60 for this service. We will, however, assess the vehicle and investigate whether there may be a mechanical fault or a fault with our remap. If there is a mechanical fault that we find, we will charge a £60 diagnostics fee. If the remap is at fault, we will offer to return the vehicle to stock and refund you or to amend the tune and no charge will apply on the day.

  • If there is a fault with the vehicle post-tune, we will assess the vehicle to determine if this is a fault which has been caused by the remap. If we deem the fault has not been caused by the remap, you will be charged a £60 diagnostics fee. Should you wish to return the vehicle to stock at this point, there will be no additional charge outside of our £60 diagnostics fee. Although rare, when faults occur after tuning a vehicle, there is usually an underlying fault that was not symptomatically present before the tune OR there was a component that was already heavily worn and due to fail soon, regardless of tuning. If we deem the fault to be caused by the remap, you will not be charged the diagnostic fee and we will provide a full refund and return the vehicle to stock.

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